Röder's works expresses the exploration of her philosophical ideas and concerns. Her main intention is to broaden and humanize the concept of rationality. She finds that the present understanding of rationality is problematic. It fails to address the 'whole being'. Her main interests are revising and reconstructing the historical approaches to perception; in life and academic philosophy as well as art. She believes that it is possible to create a more just society through working out of just perceptions. This she believes, can only be obtained by a profound knowledge of philosophical and aesthetic precepts. This is a struggle, and art is apolitical instrument to achieve the precise knowledge required in order that we act as free moral agents. For her, moral freedom is most essential good as it points to the higher nature in human existence.


Artist's Statement

"My compositions in music and painting point to what cannot be achieved with methods that involve usage of words. Play of reality can be best shown in an abstract relation that is purer than 'pure thought' of philosophy. It is a revelation but in its aesthetic realm. It is highly personal and universal in a few strokes. It is abstract music made visible that can live in our midst eternally and in immediacy. A few lines drawn in such a relation are both simple and intricate, obscure and clear, simultaneously echoing tonal and atonal tensions and lending eccentric, aesthetic pleasure and 'disinterested' truth. It is magic of the dance of line in space. It holds us spellbound as though we are in eternity. It touches the infinite within each of us with a finesse that eludes all aesthetic and ethical dogmas and sets itself free from human language. How could it not therefore 'increase our being', as my Philosopher mentor H.G. Gadamer puts it?"


Philosophical Consulting

Runhild Roeder offers philosophical consultancy, being trained not only in academic philosophy, but also in Gestalt therapy with psychoanalytical elements at the Shalal Institute, in addition to her professional experience in social work and her personal experience of spiritual disciplines from East and West. Roeder is not restricted by the established methods of psychology, for true to a humanistic, hermeneutic approach, she treats her counselling sessions like her artworks, in that for her, no two are ever alike: each one is a unique event of truth. Roeder herself underwent transcultural analysis with Raymond Prince. She excels at dealing with the existential problems of people with academic backgrounds and of diverse origins.

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